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Hello, and welcome to Movies, Music &, an independent movie and TV blog which focuses primarily on US and UK TV reviews as well as movie reviews however, from time to time I also talk about music and sport. Some say that Movies, Music & Television is among the best movie blogs on the internet – probably. The blog is a bit like your local bar, you can stop by have a beer and discuss the latest movies and TV shows which you have seen, obviously, you will have to provide your own beer.

Started in 2010 Movies, Music & Television has now been running for two years and has grown steadily to the point that we now receive around 500 page hits per day from various search engines and social networks.

About Marty – The Owner / Writer

Well, writer may be a slightly loose term, I’m no writer (as you’ve probably guessed) and you won’t get to many posh words here I just tell it like it is. Marty is from England, more specifically The Toon (Newcastle) and I enjoy Football, women, fast cars, beer, movies, TV and oh yeah…. Computers – Thought it best to get all the non geeky stuff in their first. Seriously though, I have lots of friends, all of whom will tell you I’m not a geek.


I welcome comments here from anyone, it’s free. The site uses Disqus to deliver the comments section and you can either sign up for a free account with them, post as a guest or even comment through Facebook and Twitter. A couple of rules when commenting, play nice, I don’t mind debate but keep it friendly, offensive posting will be deleted, spam will be deleted, and please keep swearing to a minimum.

Writing for us

Yeah you can do that, but first be sure to go check out the write for us page, there are links provided to other guest posts here so you can see what is expected.

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