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Want to write for Movies, Music & Then this is where you need to start. This is primarily a movie and TV blog so guest posts are usually accepted along those lines, although music posts are acceptable as well as sport (in some cases). Remember just because I have reviewed something doesn’t mean that you can not, the more articles on specific subjects the better so if you have something to say on a particular episode of your favourite TV show or maybe a movie which I have already covered then don’t worry, if it meets the acceptable criteria then it will be published here.

Acceptable criteria

I ask that posts are at least 500 words long and must be written in clear English, that’s all.

Linking Rules

Linking is very important in blogging and here at Moives, Music & Television I use “in text” links on every single post to help drive more clicks to the content within the site. Your guest post would be no different, as well as your own link (preferably in the author bio section) your article will be linked to other relevant content throughout Movies, Music & Television.

The link you provide must be relevant to content, movies and TV, music or sport, I don’t accept links to sales pages and prefer if it is your own website. I look at them all individually when I receive an E-mail from you and I will get back to you if the link is not suitable.

Will anyone read my posts?

Of course, Movies, Music & Television receives around 500 page hits per day with many of the guest posts featuring in the “weekly top ten” section of the blog for a few weeks. As well as that the “in text” linking I mentioned above will be used to link back to your post should I publish anything more relating to the subject matter. There is also a guest post “tag” in the favourites section on the right so people can click there and go through all guest posts published here.

The latest guest post can be checked out HERE.

To submit a guest post to Movies, Music & Television or if you require further information then E-mail me here ( and I’ll be sure to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Thank you
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